Anthony Paddison

Self-learning programming at a basic level and making stupid websites cause I can.


I was not a good school goer, I’m just a super curious guy. I got an amazing break when I was 27 and got the chance to learn things I have always wanted to know.
I spend a lot of time coding and playing with different things, but there’s also a lot more to it. I want to learn more, the theory and the practical alike.

  • Web site and application development
  • Cloud computing, APIs, full stack web apps
  • Server based software deployment and configuration
  • Low-level: Java, SQL
Want To Learn
  • Languages: C, Python, Java, SQL
  • System/Network Security and Pentesting
  • Network Deployment
  • IoT, Arduino programming

Current Projects

  • Alien Sucker - A completely ridiculous, partially working, 5 hour mess around endless game
  • Zorkbie - A completely unfinished, 2 hour mess around project
  • Animal Height - Another unfinished project. Check your height measured in animals.
  • A cute project - I made for my brother and his now wife.